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This is an extremely simple module that allows a front-end developer to reload regions with ease using a single javascript command that takes url, post data and regions as the only parameters. As an example, the below code ajaxifies all the links. (function ($) {  Drupal.behaviors.ajaxRegionsExample...


Reviews: 16


This module reverts Drupal 7's file upload widget to the Drupal 6 behavior, and trusts the site administrator to be smart enough to allow uploads with any file extension. It also lengthens the allowed file extensions box from 128 characters to 2048, allowing you to specify a larger number of extensions. While...

Administration, Fields, File management, 7.x

Reviews: 18


This module has been abandoned in favor of Taxonomy Menu which does the same thing with more features. It adds taxonomy terms to the menu system. This module depends on Pathauto if you are willing to build a proper hierarchy menu structure out of your taxonomy terms (if the taxonomy has hierarchy of...

Site navigation, Taxonomy, 5.x

Reviews: 14


i18n Localized Variables extends Internationalization module to let Drupal utilize localized variables for each enabled language without modifying sites/default/settings.php. It passes selected variables into the $conf['i18n_variables'] array at init() time. Module also utilizes basic cache to pass all...

Multilingual, 6.x

Reviews: 45


When maintaining an site where critical log entries needs to be notified to site administrator, it would be great to have them by email. This feature could be done with Rules but currently it would need to support log-entry tokens first to use them in "Send email" action. And not everybody wants to use...

Administration, Mail, 7.x

Reviews: 11


Flag State is a small module that implements a very basic Flag type which can be used to control and maintain a boolean state flag for use in code or Rules evaluations. It gets all the benefits and features of the flag module including per user/global state, anonymous user support (Flag 2.x), flexible...

Utility, 6.x

Reviews: 11


The eXtensible Catalog Drupal Toolkit is a complex set of Drupal modules and not a single piece of software. It is composed of 25 separate Drupal modules, many of which need to be installed in a particular order with specific configuration options made. We have several installation options for you to...

6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 9


This module aims to provide the ability to edit File entities inline, as part of another form (such as nodes). This should enable the ability for reusable and site-wide editing of file properties, such as description, alt text, captions, bylines, etc. Dependencies: File entity File (part of core) Configuration: Configuration...

Content, Content Construction Kit (CCK), Fields, File management, Media, 7.x

Reviews: 17


This module depends on Apache Solr Search Integration and Organic Groups and adds additional information to the search index to enable group faceting, per group searching, etc. The 7.x branch is compatible with OG 7.x-2.0 Project Information Maintenance status: Seeking co-maintainer(s) ...

Organic groups (OG), Search, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 13


This feature module contains replacement views for various Drupal administrative functions, including: The User admin (admin/people/people): You can search for users many different ways with this one. The default content admin (admin/content/content): This gives much more flexibility Comments admin (admin/content/comments):...

Content, Features package, Views, 7.x

Reviews: 33


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