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These guidelines are here to help you decide on a fair rating. They are only suggestions, not absolutes. If a guideline doesn't apply to the module you're reviewing, use your best judgment.


Are the features useful? Does the module meet your needs?

5 - Extremely useful. Meets your needs perfectly.
4 - Very useful. Meets most of your needs.
3 - Generally useful. Meets some of your needs.
2 - Not very useful. Meets few of your needs.
1 - Not useful at all. Does not meet any of your needs.


Is the module reliable? Does it have a lot of bugs?

5 - No bugs, perfectly reliable.
4 - Some minor bugs, but they do not affect reliability.
3 - Lots of minor bugs, but still generally reliable.
2 - Major bugs, unreliable.
1 - Critical bugs, does not function at all.

Ease Of Use

Is the module easy to install, use, and administer? Is the interface confusing?

Start with 5 points and deduct for the following:

- Difficult to install
- Difficult to use
- Difficult to administer
- Poor or confusing interface design


Is there enough documentation ? Are the instructions well written?

If you did not need documentation, rate it 5.

Otherwise, start with 5 points and deduct for the following:

- Documentation was hard to understand
- Documentation did not cover what you needed to know
- Documentation was inaccurate or outdated

If you needed documentation, but could not find any, rate it 1.


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